The bathroom was our first project- in hindsight this was a terrible idea. As we peeled away layers of wallpaper, carpet, Lino, chipboard, Lino, carpet, wallpaper- you get the idea… and uncovered completely rotten but original floorboards, we started to regret this being the first room we tackled. Our budget is small, therefore we will be doing as much as possible ourselves, including having a go at plumbing. All’s well that ends well.

We had a chat with the conservation officer who gave us permission to put a bathroom in, for our own safety, sanity and cleanliness, replacing the floorboards needed to be like for like. We sourced and ordered 9inch boards, picked ourselves up off the floor after discovering the financial implications of sourcing original materials, and waited…

We waited a bit longer- got bored and decided to start the kitchen while we waited for the floorboards to arrive. The kitchen by now had a huge hole in the roof where the bathroom floor should be. In hindsight, this was the second terrible idea that we had so far. We took out the existing kitchen, sold it bit by bit on Facebook marketplace- the Craigslist of the UK. People came round and took it away bit by bit, I hoarded the cash away to pay for floorboards- we were still waiting…

Now we had no kitchen and no bathroom all at once. Running water in the utility room and a single induction hob were our cooking and washing facilities.

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