A bath at last

The bathroom is finally installed and we are feeling much fresher. As floorboards went in, we realised that the floor is on a slope- it’s a downhill run to the bath. The joy of old houses. We had a cardboard cut out that was bath sized, to make sure we positioned the bath in the right place- there’s not much chance of manoeuvring a cast iron bath in here. The bath is another ebay find- luckily number one son was over for a visit on the weekend we needed to collect, so it arrived and taken upstairs without me getting involved. I was pretty busy laughing at the bottom of the stairs when Craig became wedged between the bath and the wall, halfway up the stairs. Sorry.

Here are a few before and during pics…

The sink is a Victorian one that was in the bedroom of the last house we lived in- we took it out when we moved in to make the bedroom less bathroomish- and stored it in the garage for 20 years, convinced it would come in for something one day. It was one of those things that was too lovely to throw away, and I’m pretty glad we didn’t- it’s perfect for this bathroom. Craig restored the seized taps. I bought a pair of brass bottle taps for the bath, that matched the sink taps pretty well. The sink had yellowy age spots that looked like they’d never come off- but a quick blast with soda crystals and it was revived. We ordered a couple of brackets to hold it onto the wall and we were ready to install all.

A quick battle with the bath from it’s resting place on the landing, through a couple of doorways and round a couple of corners into the bathroom, Craig got revenge for the wedged on the stairs incident by leaving me with the bath propped upon its end for a while.

Once we got the bath in place there came the realisation that the sloping floor played havoc with the four claw feet on the bath- we tried moving the feet around but not surprisingly this did nothing at all to make it look level. We finally gave in and put a small wooden wedge under one of the feet at the back of the bath. There’s still a slight downhill on the water level when you’re actually in the bath to remind you that old houses are not at all straightforward or straight.

There’s still a shower and a toilet to go in, but don’t worry, we have a toilet in the room next door- it’s not a bucket situation. We’re as happy as can be with our new bathroom- even happier to be able to get clean after working on the house- it’s grubby work.

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